Satin Ribbons

Satin Ribbons
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Two Shades of Brown
Special discounted price
Satin ribbon 6 mm width 100 meters length

Cream, Gold, Bordeaux, Lavender, Pink and Fuchsia
Special Offers
Rolls 9 mm long 50-yard
From 5.90NIS per roll (wholesale)
Satin ribbon rolls in variety of colors.

Satin ribbons have a wide range of usage:
  • Decorating gift boxes.
  • Papillon addition for gifts decoration.
  • Tying bags or cellophane sheets
  • Festivity Design :
Wrapping Ribbons: cutlery, napkins, invitations, and more.

Ribbons on sale:

New - 3 mm

6 mm
9 mm
12 mm
15 mm
25 mm
38 mm
Colors in stock:
White, Cream, Mustard (Gold), Peach, Orange, Green, Apple Green, Olive, Bottle, Almond, Red, Bordeaux, four shades of Pink, three shades of Purple, five shades of Blue-Turquoise-Light blue, three shades of Gray, and more ...
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