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Importing and marketing packaging products - Retail and Wholesale
Express Packaging Ltd. was established in 1990.Since then, we have expanded and have opened office branches in three different areas in China, as well as in India, which enable us to cater to any need in a short response time, at competitive prices, worldwide.
More so, we have a vast clientele and operate especially in the E.U and the US.
We receive orders for paper bag printing, non woven bag printing and plastic bag printing, paper boxes, beginning at quantities of 2000pcs. All this at a high quality and under double inspection.
We have the logistic capability to have products delivered to your business door, at a short response time, low costs and minimum hassle on the client part.
We also keep forefront warehouses in Israel, at high stock levels, which enable us immediate supply to the customer at a swift time span, to Europe as well as to the US. In that sense we transcend suppliers who are based only in the Far East.
Should you happen to come to Israel, we would be delighted to have you in our office and enjoy our huge display, sized at 200 sq.m. (Over 6000 sq. ft.)
Our worldwide branches, suppliers and we relentlessly persevere the development of new products and the improvement of existing product models, to make you, our clients,  impress and surprise yours.
 Our offices, warehouses and huge two-storey display hall, exceeding 600sq.mt. (6450 sq. ft.) are located in 70 Gissin Street, Petach Tikva's Kiryat Arye Industrial Area ISRAEL and are at your service.
We are also available through our Ordering Center by phone.
We'll be happy to have you for coffee at our luxurious display hall, so that you would be able to browse around our wonderful array of colors and patterns - and get your order right away. However, if you are not able to arrive at our display hall, or are short of time, we will be more than happy to send our salesperson over to your business or alternately, you could browse around our online catalogue, or our printed catalogue, which we'll be happy to send to you.
Naturally, your order would be sent to your business address, home address or any other shipping address you would supply us with, using our advanced distribution layout, within two workdays (and on most cases within less than 24 hours).
Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu  08:15 - 17:00
Our esteemed frequent buyers await numerous gifts in our "Frequent Buyer" star accumulation program - The XR Club, to which all our customers belong, without having to pay any membership fee. CD racks, body and beach towels, bed linen, CD players, MP3 players, fax machines and many more await you, our frequent buyer at the XR Frequent Buyer Club
We will be happy to be at your service at all times,
Always with a smile,
The Marketing Division.

ISRAEL customers : 

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Our Showroom:
70 Gissin Street
Kiryat Arye Industrial Area - Petach Tikva
(Opposite Beilinson Hospital)

Opening Hours :

Sun - Thu 08:15-16:45

* Paper carrying bags with string handles
* Re-useable non-woven bags - environmentally safe
* Giftwrappers in rolls and envelopes
* Paper giftbags with a transparent cellophane front
* Paper- and Cellophane roll dispensers
* Tissue paper in colorful solids or in white
* Huge variety of organza, satten, brockard and lurex ribbons
* Decorative ribbons and decorative ribbon flowers
* Cellophane (BOPP) - in rolls, sheets and bags
* Willow baskets
* A variety of colorful, natural, metallic or white ratten
* Natural colored or colored raphia
* Decorative mesh for gifts iv a wide variety of colors - organza runners in unprecedented discounts
* Miniature silk flowers in a wide variety of colors (with or without double-sided adhesive)
* Decorative heart-shaped fabric - killer discounts!!
* Bubble wrap in various widths
* Stretch wrappers
* A wide variety of zip-lock plastic bags
* "% OFF" stickers and "SALE" stickers
* greeting card stickers
* Self adhesive paper or fabric labels with your logo or business name printed on
* Pricing guns and labeling guns
* Textile guns
* Paper rolls for cahs registers and credit card terminals
* Cardboard boxes for shipping and storage in a wide variety of sizes - in stock
"Frequent Buyer" bonuses - Cumulating purchase stars
Our New catalogue is now available - for orders contact us by Email with your mailing address, and the catalogue will be sent to your door.
(Be sure to indicate "Mail Catalogue" in the subject line):
[email protected]
Printing is available on almost all our product array!!
Rapid shipping, within two workdays(in most cases within less than 24 hours)
Express shiping pending shipping distance, within 3 hours country-wide (except Eilat), And from Ashdod to Hadera or Jerusalem withing an hour (with surcharge)
Credit payment plans available - no interest charge!!
Other Online Contact Options:
Skype - xr1234
Whatsup - +972-54-2275289